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50KW On-Grid Solar Conected, Phase Three Solar Inverter


“Bina rukawat hardam chale mast”

CHINT is committed to providing the world with safe,reliable and stable electrical equipment and clean energy solutions.

Low System Investment

Three-phase string series inverters not only are diversified products p r o v i d i n g optional DC switch, i n t egrated DC combiner box, standard class II lightning protection, optional string detecting board, PID protection module and GPRS/Wi- Fi/RS485 wireless communication, which can match the requirements of different customers, but also can support 10% rated overload which can efficiently decrease initial investment of system.

High Profits

Three-phase string inverters can provide 99% maximum efficiency, 98.5% Euro efficiency, 99.5% MPPT efficiency, fan-less  topology design and international known device options, which can guarantee the profits of the Whole Life Cycle

Maintenance Warranty

Three-phase string inverters can provide standard warranty for 5 years, optional extended warranty for 10-25 years and smart operation platform, which can efficiently guarantee the maintenance of the Whole Life Cycle.

DC Input:

Rated DC Power:  51.5kW

Max. DC Power/Max. DC Power per MPPT:  67.5kW / 22.5kW

Max. DC Voltage:  1100Vdc

MPPT Voltage Range:  200-1000Vdc

MPPT Voltage Range (Full Load):  540 – 850Vdc

Start Voltage/Power:  330Vdc / 80W

Rated DC Voltage:  780Vdc
Number of MPPT/Max. Number of DC Connection Sets :  03/03

Max. DC Current:  3 * 32A

DC Disconnection Type:  Integrated DC Switch

AC Output

Rated AC Power:  50kW

Max. AC Power:  55kVA

Rated AC Voltage:  3 * 277 / 480Vac

AC Voltage Range:  422 – 528Vac

Max. AC Current :  67A
Rated Frequency :  50Hz

Grid Frequency Range*:  47-53Hz

Current THD:  < 3%

AC Disconnection Type:  NA

Max. Efficiency:  99%

Euro Efficiency:  98.40%

Cooling Method:  Cooling Fans

Operating Temperature Range:  -25°C – +60°C (+45°C with derating)

Ambient Humidity:  0 – 100%, Non-condensing

Warranty:- 5 Year

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Product Description

Accessories:  Wifi Logger- INR 3500/- Extra
Low Voltage Apparatus,
Power Transmission and Distribution Equipement,
Metering Instruments,
Nuclear Radiation Detection and Sensor
DC Over-current Protection: Integrated
DC Insulation Monitoring : Integrated
DC Reverse-Polarity Protection : Integrated
Surge Protection:   DC Class II ,AC Class II
Leakage Current Protection:  Integrated
AC Short Circuit Current Protection: Integrated
Anti-islanding Protection:  Integrated
General Data
Topology:  Transformerless
Operating Temperature Range:   -25℃ to +60℃
Cooling Method:  Natural Convection
Ambient Humidity:   0 - 100%, Non-condensing
Ingress Protection:  IP65
Dimensions (W*H*D) [mm]:   595*820*238
Weight [kg]:   50
Warranty: 5 Year


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