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20kVA Hybrid Three Phase Solar PCU


“Bina rukawat hardam chale mast”

A solar PCU helps convert the DC output from the solar panel into AC power that is required to run your home appliances. These inverters have inbuilt charge controller that helps in supplying the constant current to the batteries and ensures that they work for longer life span. They can also be used as grid chargers depending on the solar electricity generation and load requirement.

-Inbuilt MPPT charger.
-Continuous electric supply during power breaks.
-Highly reliable solar power conditioning unit.
-Priority: Solar – Grid – Battery
-Remote Monitoring

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Product Description

Manufacturer: STATCON

Solar Charge Controller Details :
Total PV nominal capacity : 20kW
Max. open circuit PV voltage : 720V
Min. PV voltage : 264V
MPPT voltage range : 330-598V
Max. Input current per channel : 60.6A
Max. Battery current during PV charging : 63A
Max. Charge controller output current : 72A
Min. Battery capacity required : 300Ah
Peak charging efficiency : 94%

Solar Inverter Details :
No. of Phases: 3
Nominal battery voltage : 240V
Nominal output voltage / frequency : 400V / 50Hz
Nominal output power total / per phase : 20kW / 6.67kW
Output current per phase : 28.9A
Power Factor (at rated output power) : 0.8-1
Total harmonic distortion(THDi) : <5%
Efficiency at peak / 100% load / 20% load : >88% / >85% / >80%
Max. Allowed phase imbalance : 30%
Parallel operation with grid : Provided
Power export to grid facility : Provided

Grid Charger Details :
Grid voltage range : 230VAC ±10%
Grid frequency range : 50Hz ±5%
Max. Grid Input power : 20kW
Max. Battery current during grid charging : 54A
Peak charging efficiency : 80%

Transportation : Extra as per location

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