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70kW Grid-tied Inverter (3-Phase)


“Bina rukawat hardam chale mast”

A solar inverter helps convert the DC output from the solar panel into AC power that is required to run your home appliances. These inverters have inbuilt charge controller that helps in supplying the constant current to the batteries and ensures that they work for longer life span.

  • String Inverter
  • DC to AC conversion
  • MPPT accuracy up to 99.9%
  • Wide ambient range
  • Low sensitivity to the grid disturbance
  • User friendly interface (Wi-Fi enabled)
  • LCD display
  • Reactive power control

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Product Description

Input (DC):

No. of DC Inputs: 4/4/4

Max. Input Voltage: 1000V

Open-circuit Voltage: 350V

Rated Input Voltage: 700V

MPPT Voltage Range: 250-960V

Full Load DC Voltage Range: 660-800V

Max. Input Current MPPT: 40A/40A/40A

Max. Input Current per String: 12A

Input short-circuit Current: 48A

Number of independent MPPT: 3


Output (AC):

Rated Power: 70000W

Max. AC Power: 70000VA

Max. Output Current: 90A

Nominal Grid Voltage (3/N/PE): 277/480VAC

Grid Voltage Range: 422VAC-528VAC (According to local standard)

Nominal Frequency Range: 50/60Hz

Grid Frequency Range: 45-55Hz/54-66Hz (According to local standard)

Power Factor: 1 default (adjustable ±0.8)



Max. Efficiency: 98.6%

MPPT Adaptation Efficiency: >99.9%



Anti-Islanding Protection: Yes

DC Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes

Over Temp Protection: Yes

Leakage Current Protection: Yes

Over Voltage Protection: Yes

Over Current Protection: Yes

Earth Fault Protection: Yes


General Data:

Ambient Temp Range: -25°C ~ +60°C

DC Switch: Optional

Cooling: Fan

Dimensions: 713x737x297mm

Weight: 70kg

Display: LCD+LED

Degree of Protection: IP65

Warranty: 5 years

Sold by : India Go Solar

₹ 237,552.00 price_including_tax

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