Digital kiosk with services and attractive commission

In an era of technology platform, the conventional brick & mortar inventory lead model is increasingly becoming redundant. With our retail kiosk, you can avoid huge investments, normally incurred on inventory, real estate and staff. One can put these digital kiosks/banners on one side wall of their office/shop/showroom, so visitors can see the list of products IndiaGoSolar has to offer and buy them online. This way, you will earn money on each sale without having to hold any inventory.

Who should get this kiosk?

  • 1. Working women, business women or women in retail.
  • 2. Architects, real estate mongers, tour & travel operators, IT professionals, electricians, appliance shop owners.
  • 3. Freash graduates, Diploma holders, final year students, unemployed youth.
  • 4. People looking to start a business but can’t afford huge investment costs.

How will you earn?

  • 1. Once you get the digital kiosk, you will get a 8x6 feet point of sale banner and an affiliate code.
  • 2. POS banner showcases various categories of products IndiaGoSolar has to offer, along with barcodes/links to purchase them from connected, mobile app/website.
  • 3. You can place this POS banner on one side wall of your office/shop/showroom. You just have to encourage your customers to purchase products from our website.
  • 4. Any time someone makes a purchase by using your affiliate code, you will get a confirmation of purchase and commission details from IGS.
  • 5. This way you can earn money as you go and achieve financial independence.

Types of products and services offered along with digital kiosk?

  • 1. You will get a digital and printed 8x6 feet tall banner.
  • 2. This banner displays various product categories offered by IndiaGoSolar.
  • 3. You will get access to a basic affiliate dashboard, unique affiliate code and product training.
  • 4. Use your affiliate code to avail special discounts for yourself and your customers and product training to know the products you’re offering your customers.

What digital kiosk doesn’t have to offer?

  • 1. This product is meant for people who already have a customer base and clientele, hence leads on prospective customers will not be provided.
  • 2. You will only get a POS banner, access to affiliate dashboard and product training.
  • 3. To get additional support like leads, branding & marketing support, subsidy, financing, installation and other benefits, you can join our full franchise package.
  • 4. Find the franchise page here to know more.

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