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Solar Rooftop With Storage Will Start Overtaking Conventional Utility Model By 2020.India presents a favorable market for research and development, collaborations and exports of technology for storage said Dr.Harish Ahuja.
The Indian power supply is dominated by central and state owned distribution companies – discoms. More than 95% of distribution network is owned by state electricity companies and they have been enjoying monopoly for the past 50 years. However this monopoly could be brought to an end if the Electricity Amendment Bill (EAB), 2014 became an Act. The implementation of EAB could be a game changer and could open up the retail electricity supply market for entry of more private players.To read the full article click here

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How IndiaGoSolar is helping Indians go solar with their end-to-end solutions #Yourstory.com


We started sharing a lot of free content around solar technology, its adaption across globe, regulatory and policy changes and financing activities happening in solar sector. We also started an exclusive daily solar newsletter ‘SURYAVESHI’ for spreading the solar news,” says Dr. Harish Ahuja.

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Indiagosolar rolls out first ever online ecosystem for Indian Solar Industry

New Delhi: India’s first ever e-info marketplace Indiagosolar rolls out its comprehensive service offerings, starting with basic information, consultancy to project execution and post implementation service across institutional and retail customers.The company provides a unique platform that offers information, technical advisory services and multiple options to buy and sell solar products and services online. IndiaGoSolar also facilitates financing through banking partners, government subsidies, and loans available to customers, while purchasing a solar product or solution, thereby bringing complete transparency on each transaction.

“Indian customers should have the choice to choose its own electricity supplier and if they can own their source of electricity generation on their roof, it is much better. Once the Government laid down the ambitious goal to set up 40 GWs solar roof top capacity,” said Founder and CEO Indiagosolar, Dr. Harish Ahuja. To Know More..

Why Indiagosolar is a trusted platform? 

Indiagosolar.in is India’s first solar e-info commerce marketplace offering a wide range of exclusive solar products, projects & services online for both B2C and B2B customers. This unique platform was created with a vision of creating awareness of solar energy and facilitating its transaction on Hi tech ecommerce platform. Indiagosolar is crafting niche of a solar community where every solar professional – engineer, installer, manufacturer, financer has a place to contributethrough this platform.To Know More..

अब फ्री में लगेगा आपकी छत पर सोलर पैनल, बस करना होगा ये काम

अगर आपके पास अपना मकान और छत है तो आप ऑनलाइन या फोन कॉल कर अपनी छत पर सोलर मॉड्यूल लगवा सकते है। इसके लिए आपको एक भी पैसा खर्च नहीं करना होगा। साथ ही, सोलर सिस्टम से बनने वाली बिजली आपको डिस्ट्रीब्यूशन कंपनियों के मुकाबले कम-से-कम 15 फीसदी कम दर पर मिलेगी। अधिक जानने के लिए..

IndiaGoSolar announces first ever online ecosystem for Indian Solar Industry

Indiagosolar.in, India’s first ever e-info marketplace rolls out its comprehensive service offerings, starting with basic information, consultancy to project execution and post implementation service across institutional and retail customers.The platform also helps buyers identify the right solar products, projects and services best suited to their needs and make all relevant technical & commercial information available to support buyers making a prudent purchasing decision. The company also puts in a lot of effort to raise the quality standards of existing solar products and services available in the market and reduce customer’s worries related to technology, warranties, financing, transportation, installation and after sales service & repair of solar products and systems. To know more..

IREDA to step up lending, issue masala bonds #Daily Hunt

IREDA’s investments are expected to benefit solar power projects because rooftop solar power project developers often find it difficult to secure loans from banks which insist on having a lien on the building, instead of on the solar power installation that they finance.
Conventional banks do not consider solar power installations as adequate collateral as there is no secondary market for them, said Harish Ahuja, founder and chief executive officer of Indiagosolar.in, an e-commerce marketplace that connects equipment suppliers, project developers, lenders and rooftop power project customers.
Indiagosolar certifies technical and economic viability of rooftop projects with the aim of giving a level of comfort to lenders.

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IndiaGoSolar brings Elcomponics, Radical Solar, Analogics Tech India and Shivani International to its e-info marketplace platform #Saurenergy

IndiaGoSolar has announced that it has brought on board Elcomponics, Radical Solar, Analogics Tech India Ltd. and Shivani International on its products and consultancy marketplace platform.
IndiaGoSolar will be providing these companies premium page visibilities on their platform by displaying product highlights and schemes, and help them reach out to their potential customers efficiently.


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Dr. Harish Ahuja, Founder & CEO, IndiaGoSolar commented, “The Internet is indeed a great leveler. Any seller from anywhere, big or small, can sell to anyone anywhere in India using the power of an online marketplace. By merely hopping on the internet, any manufacturer or distributor instantly expands its reach to a national or even an international base of potential customers. These solar companies needed a platform to market their affordable and accessible solar products to potential customers far and wide and we are enabling them to do just that, through our platform.”

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