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Solar Mobile Charger


Product Description:

  • Uses high-efficiency mono crystalline silicon
  • Solar panel: 1.2watt

  • Battery : 5000mAh/5V

  • Rechargeable Lithium ion battery cycle 5000 times more compare to just 400-500 cycles in lead acid battery.

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750 watt rooftop system


Product Description:

  • System is supplied in the form of kit.
  • Panel : 250 Wp Solar PV Module (Number :3 )
  • Conditioning Unit with MPPT Charger and Solar Priority.
  • Control and Protection Box and Accessories required for installation.

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Solar Water Heater
MNRE Certified Suppliers

100 LPD ETC Solar Water Heater


Key features:

  • Quantity litter Per Day :100 LPD
  • Number of people can be served :4
  • Type of Water :Hard water /soft water
  • Type of Solar water heater :ETC
  • Warranty :5 years

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Solar Water Pump
MNRE Certified Suppliers

1 HP Submersible Solar Water Pump


System items included : Solar Module,Solar AC Pump,Charge Controller,Solar Inverter and M.S. Static Structure.

Technical Detail :

  • Panel:1200 wp
  • Head(Mtr):35
  • Discharge(LPD):31200
  • Motor Size:4 inch
  • Pump Size:4 inch
  • Delivery Size:1.5 inch

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